Reducing Friction With Raycast

Raycast has been a life saver for me recently, speeding up and automating many frequent interactions I have with my computer. Here are some of my favourite tips and tricks on how I use it.


  • prs - opens my open pull requests on Github
  • prX - where X is the initial of my colleagues first name. Opens their open pull requests on Github
  • ci + argument - opens CircleCI on whichever branch I pass in as an argument


  • Open repos - I access the same repos many times a day so I have script commands associated with certain shortcuts. When I enter the shortcut the repo opens in VS Code
  • Create PR Titles and Descriptions - we have a PR Description template at Maze, however, it still requires some repeated manual tweaking. I have a script that takes Linear ticket url from my clipboard and auto populates lots of information for me. It also creates a nicely formatted title using the ticket link which Github annoyingly doesn't let you using templates for.


  • Clipboard history - I have cmd + shift + v set as the shortcut to bring up my clipboard history
  • Emojis - I also use it to grab emojis given how unreliable Mac's shortcut is

Custom Apps

I have built a custom app called Link Jacuzzi 🌴 to store links I want to save for later. I am hoping to release it to the public when I have put the finishing touches on the api.

Things I want to build next

  • JSON formatter/converter - to quickly paste text into it and spit out a properly formatted JSON string (there is an app for this already but it is not very good)
  • Query params stripper - to remove the query params off urls for easy sharing