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Shipping to Production

By: Gergely Orosz. Date saved: 24/05/2022

Stop Wasting Your Time

By: Lee Robinson. Date saved: 24/05/2022

Building a Design System Monorepo with Turborepo

By: Lee Robinson. Date saved: 24/05/2022

008. Competing With Steve Jobs (the First Time) [Ch. II]

By: Steven Sinofsky. Date saved: 23/05/2022

Seven Shipping Principles

By: 37signals. Date saved: 20/05/2022

Well-Kept Gardens Die By Pacifism

By: Eliezer Yudkowsky. Date saved: 20/05/2022

I spent 2 years launching tiny projects

By: Date saved: 20/05/2022

Improve your React app performance using React Profiler

By: Laure Retru-Chavastel. Date saved: 18/05/2022

The Surprising Truth About Pixels and Accessibility

By: Date saved: 17/05/2022

Vanishing People: the Population Crisis

By: Ryan McEntush. Date saved: 13/05/2022

Micro Frontends

By: Cam Jackson. Date saved: 13/05/2022

The Timeless Parable of Mr. Market

By: Farnam Street. Date saved: 12/05/2022

So you want to invent a nuclear weapon

By: DYNOMIGHT. Date saved: 11/05/2022

Scaling engineering teams in a healthy way

By: Bernardo Carneiro. Date saved: 11/05/2022

Becoming a Better Writer

By: Gergely Orosz. Date saved: 09/05/2022

More Tweets

By: Twitter. Date saved: 07/05/2022

Content Security Policy (CSP)

By: Date saved: 03/05/2022

How Technocrats Triumphed at Apple

By: Tripp Mickle. Date saved: 01/05/2022

Actual is going

By: Date saved: 29/04/2022

Theses on Sleep

By: Alexey Guzey. Date saved: 27/04/2022

Asset shortages and Income Inequality

By: Mark Dow. Date saved: 27/04/2022

The walls of perception

By: Antonio García Martínez. Date saved: 26/04/2022

Flightcontrol YC W22

By: Twitter. Date saved: 26/04/2022

Making Sense of Smart Contracts

By: Date saved: 25/04/2022

The Epic Hashnode Writeathon!

By: Hashnode Townhall. Date saved: 18/04/2022

Will STEPN Bring Crypto to the Masses?

By: Nat Eliason. Date saved: 16/04/2022

A Simpler Guide to Ethereum

By: Date saved: 15/04/2022

Opinion | Elon Musk Knows Exactly What He’s Doing

By: Kara Swisher. Date saved: 15/04/2022

Arguing without warning

By: DYNOMIGHT. Date saved: 25/03/2022


By: Marks, Howard. Date saved: 13/01/2022

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Code blocks, but better

By: Date saved: 13/05/2022


By: Date saved: 13/05/2022

Generalist or Specialist — welcome to the PaintDrip Model

By: Bernardo Carneiro. Date saved: 11/05/2022

You Don’t Need A UI Framework

By: Josh Comeau. Date saved: 03/05/2022

We All Knew This Would Happen

By: Nick Maggiulli. Date saved: 03/05/2022


By: AVC. Date saved: 03/05/2022

One year of indie hacking, I've learned a lot!

By: Date saved: 02/05/2022

Turn Freeform MDX Content into Structured Data with Contentlayer

By: Delba de Oliveira. Date saved: 25/04/2022

The Case for American Seriousness

By: Katherine Boyle. Date saved: 25/04/2022

How Not to Worry About What Others Think of You

By: Psychology Today. Date saved: 25/04/2022

Connecting Metamask to Next.js

By: Date saved: 20/04/2022

How to Create a CRUD App with Rails and React

By: Date saved: 20/04/2022

Accessible React Forms

By: Building SPAs - Carl Rippon. Date saved: 20/04/2022

The Front-End Developer's Guide to the Terminal

By: Date saved: 19/04/2022

An upcoming authentication solution for Phoenix

By: José Valim. Date saved: 18/04/2022

Open source project Tea is brew2 for web3

By: Anita Ramaswamy. Date saved: 18/04/2022

How Superhuman Built an Engine to Find Product/Market Fit

By: Date saved: 18/04/2022

Bitcoin Mining & The Grid (Part 1): Generators

By: Date saved: 16/04/2022

My attempted cult recruitment

By: Comment. Date saved: 05/04/2022

How to be a tech influencer.

By: Date saved: 04/04/2022

Hard to work with.

By: Date saved: 04/04/2022

A Veteran on How Lviv Has Been Impacted by War

By: Date saved: 01/04/2022

My Quantified Self Setup

By: Date saved: 29/03/2022

What Working At Stripe Has Been Like

By: Date saved: 29/03/2022

Understanding Layout Algorithms

By: Date saved: 28/03/2022


By: sw-yx. Date saved: 26/03/2022