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Refraction, dispersion, and other shader light effects
By: Date saved: 24/01/2023

Nobody is a Prisoner of Their IQ
By: Rob Henderson. Date saved: 24/01/2023

Getting Started With SvelteKit
By: Adam Rackis. Date saved: 23/01/2023

20 Things I’ve Learned in my 20 Years as a Software Engineer
By: Justin Etheredge. Date saved: 23/01/2023

Building a digital garden
By: TOM CRITCHLOW. Date saved: 22/01/2023

🖋 Stop Giving af and Start Writing More
By: Date saved: 22/01/2023

The building blocks of great docs
By: Date saved: 20/01/2023

Mental model
By: Prisma. Date saved: 19/01/2023

Why Is My Jest Test Suite So Slow?
By: Steven Lemon. Date saved: 18/01/2023

Writing a tiny tRPC client
By: Date saved: 17/01/2023

Well now you're just making stuff up...
By: Michael W. Green. Date saved: 17/01/2023

TypeScript performance lessons while refactoring for v10
By: Sachin Raja. Date saved: 15/01/2023

Write Admin Tools From Day One
By: Date saved: 13/01/2023

The data model behind Notion's flexibility
By: Jake Teton-Landis. Date saved: 13/01/2023

Exploring Figma's Self Serve Forecast Model
By: Chris Burgner |. Date saved: 13/01/2023

Best Node.JS Schedulers
By: Dead Simple Chat Blog. Date saved: 12/01/2023

Clever Code Considered Harmful
By: Date saved: 10/01/2023

Using Outstatic for Next.js static site management
By: Elijah Asaolu. Date saved: 08/01/2023

Dotfiles Management
By: Date saved: 08/01/2023

Minimally Sufficient Pandas
By: Date saved: 08/01/2023

Resource: Landing Pages
By: Date saved: 08/01/2023

Blank Page
By: Packy McCormick. Date saved: 19/12/2022

Getting Started with Reader
By: Daniel Doyon. Date saved: 16/12/2022

Patterns of personal knowledge base
By: zadam. Date saved: 15/12/2022

The Fifth Estate
By: Mike Solana. Date saved: 15/12/2022

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Type-safe React Query
By: Date saved: 08/01/2023

Things they didn’t teach you about Software Engineering
By: Vadim Kravcenko. Date saved: 07/01/2023

Year in Review 2022: Time for a Change
By: rossgarlick. Date saved: 03/01/2023

2022 into 2023
By: Date saved: 03/01/2023

self image
By: Isabel. Date saved: 03/01/2023

Hard Reset
By: Date saved: 03/01/2023

Unbundling Tools for Thought
By: Fernando Borretti. Date saved: 26/12/2022

Nat Friedman
By: Date saved: 26/12/2022

Be less scared of overconfidence
By: Date saved: 26/12/2022

10 Handy iPhone Shortcuts to Automate Everyday Tasks
By: Denise Lim. Date saved: 23/12/2022

We are drowning in information while starving for wisdom
By: Realize Engineering. Date saved: 21/12/2022

Why I'm Optimistic About JavaScript's Future
By: Lee Robinson. Date saved: 19/12/2022

By: Marks, Howard. Date saved: 13/12/2022

A future for SQL on the web
By: James Long. Date saved: 08/12/2022

Reader: Frequently Asked Questions
By: Readwise Team. Date saved: 06/12/2022

How do arrays work?
By: Nanda Syahrasyad. Date saved: 06/12/2022

Inside React Query
By: Tim Mossholder. Date saved: 03/12/2022

Venture Capital Red Flag Checklist
By: Bill Gurley. Date saved: 29/11/2022

Aggregating Weekly Notes With Obsidian and Dataview
By: Date saved: 26/11/2022

Improving React Interaction Times by 4x
By: Date saved: 24/11/2022

An Interactive Guide to Flexbox
By: Date saved: 22/11/2022

Working with Zustand
By: Date saved: 20/11/2022

Prompt Engineering 101
By: high exposure. Date saved: 20/11/2022

Fully Typed Web Apps
By: Kent C. Dodds. Date saved: 02/11/2022

How to communicate effectively as a developer
By: Karl Sutt. Date saved: 01/11/2022