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I should have loved biology
By: James Somers. Date saved: 22/04/2024

Why Feathers Are One of Evolution’s Cleverest Inventions
By: Michael B. Habib. Date saved: 18/04/2024

Thoughts on seed oil
By: Date saved: 18/04/2024

The Indispensability of Risk
By: Date saved: 17/04/2024

Advice to Young People, The Lies I Tell Myself
By: Jason Liu. Date saved: 14/04/2024

The Guide to Stock Options conversations
By: Anton Zaides. Date saved: 14/04/2024

Understanding is a Poor Substitute for Convexity (Antifragility)
By: Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Date saved: 07/04/2024

You can't reach the brain through the ears
By: Adam Mastroianni. Date saved: 05/04/2024

So you wanna de-bog yourself
By: Adam Mastroianni. Date saved: 05/04/2024

Weekly Dose of Optimism #85
By: Packy McCormick. Date saved: 31/03/2024

Every saturday morning for the last 6 years, I watch...
By: Garrett Scott đź•ł. Date saved: 31/03/2024

101 things I would tell my self from 10 years ago
By: Approach with Alacrity. Date saved: 31/03/2024

Andrew Huberman’s Mechanisms of Control
By: Kerry Howley. Date saved: 31/03/2024

You Should Be Working On Hardware
By: Casey Handmer's blog. Date saved: 25/03/2024

SingleFile CLI (Command Line Interface)
By: npm. Date saved: 24/03/2024

Cataloguing my vinyl collection with computer vision
By: Date saved: 21/03/2024

How to Start Google
By: Paul Graham. Date saved: 19/03/2024

Rule Thinkers In, Not Out
By: Scott Alexander. Date saved: 19/03/2024

Nobody Cares
By: Ben Horowitz. Date saved: 19/03/2024

All My Thoughts After 40 Hours in the Vision Pro
By: slashing music. Date saved: 17/03/2024

Superiority by Arthur C. Clarke (Full Text)
By: Date saved: 17/03/2024

How to Make a Progressive Web App From Your Existing Website
By: Christine Dodrill. Date saved: 16/03/2024

Interesting ideas in Observable Framework
By: Mike Bostock. Date saved: 04/03/2024

37 Pieces of Career Advice I Wish I’d Known Earlier
By: Ryan Holiday. Date saved: 25/02/2024

Git Tips and Tricks
By: GitButler. Date saved: 13/02/2024

P**fectionism Isn’t Your Problem
By: Taylor Troesh. Date saved: 09/02/2024

Million Dollar Weekend
By: Noah Kagan. Date saved: 28/01/2024

How to Maximize Serendipity
By: David Perell. Date saved: 22/01/2024

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The S&P 500 is largely a historical artifact
By: Tom MacWright. Date saved: 18/04/2024

Hardest Problem in Computer Science: Centering Things
By: Nikita Prokopov. Date saved: 18/04/2024

Last week I sat for an internal interview about my...
By: Matt Klein. Date saved: 16/04/2024

Story #1 - Embezzlers are Nice People
By: Date saved: 15/04/2024

Discovering My Roommate’s Death on Facebook
By: Mohamed Aboelez. Date saved: 14/04/2024

Lessons after a half-billion GPT tokens
By: Ken. Date saved: 13/04/2024

Double-Entry Bookkeeping as a Directed Graph
By: Date saved: 10/04/2024

Getting Started with date-fns-tz
By: Date saved: 03/04/2024

How We're Going to Implement ISR in Astro
By: Date saved: 03/04/2024

How to Implement On-Demand Revalidation
By: Date saved: 03/04/2024

Deploy Astro to Cloudflare Pages: A Step-by-Step Guide
By: Date saved: 03/04/2024

The Tiny Stack (Astro, SQLite, Litestream)
By: Date saved: 03/04/2024

Building our Single Page Application (SPA)
By: Date saved: 03/04/2024

Why you won't find a technical co-founder
By: Mirco. Date saved: 02/04/2024

How I Fly
By: Fly. Date saved: 16/03/2024

Hurried Thoughts: You're Wrong About Tidal-Locking
By: Date saved: 07/03/2024

Oh, to turn off your mind!
By: Thorsten Ball. Date saved: 04/03/2024

Do literally anything
By: Aaron Francis. Date saved: 03/03/2024

The Acceleration of Addictiveness
By: Paul Graham. Date saved: 04/02/2024

Real life
By: Kasra. Date saved: 29/01/2024

Dan Wang
By: US prosecutions. Date saved: 28/01/2024

2023 letter
By: Dan Wang. Date saved: 28/01/2024

How I got an O-1 visa as a software engineer / founder
By: Awais Hussain. Date saved: 26/01/2024

What Should You Do with Your Life? Directions and Advice
By: Alexey Guzey. Date saved: 22/01/2024

Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years
By: Peter Norvig. Date saved: 15/01/2024

Historical facts I consistently forget
By: Date saved: 15/01/2024

Things you're allowed to do
By: Date saved: 15/01/2024