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I use Readwise Reader to manage my read it later list and I couldn't recommend it more.

Here is a list of the articles sitting in my inbox and further down you can see what I most recently finished reading. Updated every hour.


Building a magical AI-powered semantic search from scratch
By: Date saved: 06/06/2023

Migrating your T3 App into a Turborepo
By: Julius Marminge. Date saved: 31/05/2023

Isomorphic Development
By: Date saved: 31/05/2023

How the Raycast API and extensions work
By: by Felix Raab. Date saved: 31/05/2023

Guide to creating animations that spark joy with Framer Motion
By: Date saved: 20/05/2023

Understanding database Indexes in PostgreSQL
By: Become mastermind. Date saved: 20/05/2023

Load Balancing
By: Date saved: 21/04/2023

An On-Ramp to Flow
By: Bradley Buda. Date saved: 07/04/2023

Framework-defined infrastructure
By: Date saved: 01/04/2023

By: Paul Stamatiou. Date saved: 28/03/2023

The secret history of Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and OpenAI
By: Reed Albergotti. Date saved: 27/03/2023

Improve Your VSCode Workflow to the Max
By: Date saved: 23/03/2023

The Cost of Craft
By: George Kedenburg III. Date saved: 22/03/2023

2020-12-27 Β»
By: apenwarr. Date saved: 09/03/2023

Experiments with the JavaScript Garbage Collector
By: DEV Community. Date saved: 04/03/2023

Recently Read

How Superhuman Built an Engine to Find Product Market Fit
By: Date saved: 29/05/2023

ESM: ECMAScript Modules
By: Jesse Pence. Date saved: 20/05/2023

You Might Not Need React Query
By: Date saved: 20/05/2023

Migrating from Supabase
By: Migrating from Supabase. Date saved: 19/05/2023

Memory Allocation
By: Date saved: 10/05/2023

My Struggle With Remix
By: Redd. Date saved: 10/05/2023

Backward compatible database changes
By: Taylor Barnett. Date saved: 09/05/2023

The Power of Turborepo
By: Date saved: 08/05/2023

A taxonomy of why I procrastinate
By: DYNOMIGHT. Date saved: 08/05/2023

The best investment
By: The best investment. Date saved: 05/05/2023

Where links go to die
By: α••( ᐛ )α•— Herman's blog. Date saved: 05/05/2023

Building software to last forever
By: α••( ᐛ )α•— Herman's blog. Date saved: 05/05/2023

On writing regularly
By: α••( ᐛ )α•— Herman's blog. Date saved: 05/05/2023

My product is my garden
By: My product is my garden. Date saved: 05/05/2023

Next.js 13.4
By: Tim Neutkens. Date saved: 05/05/2023

Why Chatbots Are Not the Future
By: .. Date saved: 01/05/2023

The Interactive Guide to Rendering in React
By: Tyler McGinnis. Date saved: 28/04/2023

The Expanding Dark Forest and Generative AI
By: Maggie Appleton. Date saved: 26/04/2023

Crafting the Next.js Website
By: Rauno Freiberg. Date saved: 25/04/2023

Thiel on Progress and Stagnation
By: Date saved: 21/04/2023

Lessons from Silicon Valley Bank
By: Date saved: 17/04/2023

Linus Lee Is Living With AI
By: Dan Shipper. Date saved: 16/04/2023

The End of Organizing
By: Dan Shipper. Date saved: 16/04/2023

The one about AI
By: Tom MacWright. Date saved: 16/04/2023

What Is ChatGPT Doing … and Why Does It Work?
By: Date saved: 13/04/2023

Treat your to-read pile like a river, not a bucket
By: Oliver Burkeman. Date saved: 02/04/2023