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Git Tips and Tricks
By: GitButler. Date saved: 13/02/2024

P**fectionism Isn’t Your Problem
By: Taylor Troesh. Date saved: 09/02/2024

The Acceleration of Addictiveness
By: Paul Graham. Date saved: 04/02/2024

Million Dollar Weekend
By: Noah Kagan. Date saved: 28/01/2024

How to Maximize Serendipity
By: David Perell. Date saved: 22/01/2024

John Gray and Peter Thiel: Life in a postmodern world
By: John Gray. Date saved: 22/01/2024

Easy Money
By: Date saved: 09/01/2024

What to blog about
By: Date saved: 02/01/2024

By: Docs. Date saved: 30/12/2023

0x4 reasons to write and publish
By: Date saved: 30/12/2023

A Longer-term Look at Argentina With Michael Pettis
By: Matthew C. Klein. Date saved: 29/12/2023

2023 in review
By: Date saved: 28/12/2023

What should we ship?
By: Rauno Freiberg. Date saved: 26/12/2023

Things You Can Say To People In 10 Seconds
By: window.setTimeout(function() { window.scrollTo(0, 1); }, 0). Date saved: 25/12/2023

52 things I learned in 2022
By: Tom Whitwell. Date saved: 25/12/2023

Byrne Hobart, the unlikely oracle
By: Shreeda Segan. Date saved: 25/12/2023

2023: The Year I Started Emracing My Services Business
By: Ryan Chenkie. Date saved: 22/12/2023

By: Tom MacWright. Date saved: 22/12/2023

How to have buckets of time
By: Date saved: 20/12/2023

A Guide to Node.js Notebooks
By: DEV Community. Date saved: 20/12/2023

One pattern I’ve noticed in all miserable people:
By: Taylin John Simmonds. Date saved: 20/11/2023

This Is Not the Way to Help Depressed Teenagers
By: Darby Saxbe. Date saved: 20/11/2023

How I became a machine learning practitioner
By: Greg Brockman on Svbtle. Date saved: 18/11/2023

Read the docs like a book
By: Date saved: 13/11/2023

Recently Read

Real life
By: Kasra. Date saved: 29/01/2024

Dan Wang
By: US prosecutions. Date saved: 28/01/2024

2023 letter
By: Dan Wang. Date saved: 28/01/2024

How I got an O-1 visa as a software engineer / founder
By: Awais Hussain. Date saved: 26/01/2024

What Should You Do with Your Life? Directions and Advice
By: Alexey Guzey. Date saved: 22/01/2024

Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years
By: Peter Norvig. Date saved: 15/01/2024

Historical facts I consistently forget
By: Date saved: 15/01/2024

Things you're allowed to do
By: Date saved: 15/01/2024

Our Generation Ships Will Sink
By: Kim Stanley Robinson. Date saved: 13/01/2024

How I Built a Learning Machine
By: Josh Branchaud. Date saved: 09/01/2024

Where have all the websites gone?
By: from jason. Date saved: 09/01/2024

Elon Musk is not understood
By: Casey Handmer's blog. Date saved: 08/01/2024

How I'm Writing CSS in 2024
By: Lee Robinson. Date saved: 08/01/2024

That Numbness You’re Feeling? There’s a Word for It.
By: Adam Grant. Date saved: 07/01/2024

Fixing Macs Door to Door
By: Mathew Duggan. Date saved: 06/01/2024

My 2023
By: Remy Sharp. Date saved: 31/12/2023

The Other Road Ahead
By: Paul Graham. Date saved: 31/12/2023

Choose optimism
By: Steph Ango. Date saved: 30/12/2023

Year in Review
By: Tom MacWright. Date saved: 28/12/2023

What I Wish Someone Had Told Me
By: Sam Altman. Date saved: 22/12/2023

By: Date saved: 15/12/2023

Inside OpenAI’s Crisis Over the Future of Artificial Intelligence
By: Tripp Mickle, Cade Metz, Mike Isaac Karen Weise. Date saved: 11/12/2023

My techno-optimism
By: Date saved: 04/12/2023

The Best Full-Body Calisthenics Workout Plan To Build Muscle
By: Built with Science. Date saved: 02/12/2023

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Calisthenics
By: Heather Eastman. Date saved: 02/12/2023

Joining Linear
By: Kenneth Skovhus. Date saved: 01/12/2023