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How I build MVPs within 3 days
By: Date saved: 21/05/2024

Shutting down Reviewbunny
By: Date saved: 21/05/2024

Douglas Murray: What It Means to Choose Life
By: Douglas Murray. Date saved: 20/05/2024

Commit/bullshit ratio
By: Date saved: 20/05/2024

How Motherhood Liberated Me
By: Raina Raskin. Date saved: 20/05/2024

Unnamed Document
By: Date saved: 20/05/2024

Headline driven development
By: Date saved: 20/05/2024

The Straussian Moment
By: Peter Thiel. Date saved: 20/05/2024

The Forensics Of React Server Components (RSCs)
By: Date saved: 17/05/2024

Destroy All Software
By: Date saved: 17/05/2024

React 19 lets you write impossible components
By: Darius Cepulis. Date saved: 17/05/2024

Note: A nice way to render Markdown in React apps
By: Jordan Eldredge. Date saved: 13/05/2024

The Possibilities of AI [Entire Talk] - Sam Altman (OpenAI)
By: Stanford eCorner. Date saved: 13/05/2024

The Impact of Debt
By: Date saved: 08/05/2024

Excuse me but why are you eating so many frogs
By: Adam Mastroianni. Date saved: 06/05/2024

How To Be Alone
By: Andrea Dorfman. Date saved: 06/05/2024

Willingness to look stupid
By: Date saved: 06/05/2024

The Most Precious Resource is Agency
By: Simon Sarris. Date saved: 06/05/2024

Becoming a magician
By: . Date saved: 06/05/2024

The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement
By: Mr. Money Mustache. Date saved: 06/05/2024

6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person
By: Jason Pargin. Date saved: 06/05/2024

In Praise of Idleness
By: Justin Beal. Date saved: 04/05/2024

I should have loved biology
By: James Somers. Date saved: 22/04/2024

Why Feathers Are One of Evolution’s Cleverest Inventions
By: Michael B. Habib. Date saved: 18/04/2024

Thoughts on seed oil
By: Date saved: 18/04/2024

The Indispensability of Risk
By: Date saved: 17/04/2024

Recently Read

Taran "tearing it up" Bains
By: Date saved: 10/05/2024

Making a TUI with Go
By: Date saved: 10/05/2024

New Pop-up Walk, Reading Digitally in 2024
By: Craig Mod. Date saved: 09/05/2024

Why I Won't Use Next.js
By: Kent C. Dodds. Date saved: 08/05/2024

How I Think About Debt
By: Morgan Housel. Date saved: 06/05/2024

Against Facebook
By: TheZvi. Date saved: 06/05/2024

How to Reduce Cholesterol Naturally: What Foods Should Be Eaten & Avoided?
By: Michael Greger M.D. FACLM. Date saved: 06/05/2024

Most people are unhappy
By: Josh Gessner. Date saved: 06/05/2024

100 Tips For A Better Life
By: Conor Barnes. Date saved: 06/05/2024

On Stress
By: Gwern Branwen. Date saved: 06/05/2024

7 Reasons Why You Will Never Do Anything Amazing With Your Life
By: Raymmar Tirado. Date saved: 06/05/2024

Meditations On Moloch
By: Scott Alexander. Date saved: 06/05/2024

Of Dogs and Lizards: A Parable of Privilege
By: Sindelókë. Date saved: 06/05/2024

The S&P 500 is largely a historical artifact
By: Tom MacWright. Date saved: 18/04/2024

Hardest Problem in Computer Science: Centering Things
By: Nikita Prokopov. Date saved: 18/04/2024

Last week I sat for an internal interview about my...
By: Matt Klein. Date saved: 16/04/2024

Story #1 - Embezzlers are Nice People
By: Date saved: 15/04/2024

Discovering My Roommate’s Death on Facebook
By: Mohamed Aboelez. Date saved: 14/04/2024

Lessons after a half-billion GPT tokens
By: Ken. Date saved: 13/04/2024

Double-Entry Bookkeeping as a Directed Graph
By: Date saved: 10/04/2024

Getting Started with date-fns-tz
By: Date saved: 03/04/2024

How We're Going to Implement ISR in Astro
By: Date saved: 03/04/2024

How to Implement On-Demand Revalidation
By: Date saved: 03/04/2024

Deploy Astro to Cloudflare Pages: A Step-by-Step Guide
By: Date saved: 03/04/2024

The Tiny Stack (Astro, SQLite, Litestream)
By: Date saved: 03/04/2024

Building our Single Page Application (SPA)
By: Date saved: 03/04/2024

Why you won't find a technical co-founder
By: Mirco. Date saved: 02/04/2024

How I Fly
By: Fly. Date saved: 16/03/2024