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Why Is My Jest Test Suite So Slow?
By: Steven Lemon. Date saved: 31/03/2023

By: Paul Stamatiou. Date saved: 28/03/2023

The secret history of Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and OpenAI
By: Reed Albergotti. Date saved: 27/03/2023

Superhuman: What can AI do in 30 minutes?
By: Ethan Mollick. Date saved: 26/03/2023

The Real Competition is the Water
By: Ravi Gupta. Date saved: 25/03/2023

Improve Your VSCode Workflow to the Max
By: Date saved: 23/03/2023

The Cost of Craft
By: George Kedenburg III. Date saved: 22/03/2023

2020-12-27 »
By: apenwarr. Date saved: 09/03/2023

Experiments with the JavaScript Garbage Collector
By: DEV Community. Date saved: 04/03/2023

What I Learned At Stripe
By: Date saved: 03/03/2023

Honestly, it's probably the phones
By: Noah Smith. Date saved: 02/03/2023

There are two kinds of people in the world
By: Date saved: 28/02/2023

Your Life in Weeks
By: Tim Urban. Date saved: 28/02/2023

Life is Short
By: Paul Graham. Date saved: 28/02/2023

By: Rauno Freiberg. Date saved: 25/02/2023

The Power of Keys in Framer Motion
By: Nanda Syahrasyad. Date saved: 21/02/2023

What failure looks like
By: Paul Christiano. Date saved: 19/02/2023

Scaling engineering organizations
By: Date saved: 19/02/2023

Five Tips For a Healthier Postgres Database in the New Year
By: Craig Kerstiens. Date saved: 11/02/2023

A Gentle Introduction to CRDTs
By: Matt Wonlaw. Date saved: 11/02/2023

Content Delivery Network (CDN): Explained in simple words
By: Animesh Gaitonde. Date saved: 08/02/2023

2023 State of Databases for Serverless & Edge
By: Lee Robinson. Date saved: 28/01/2023

Deep Cloning Objects in JavaScript, the Modern Way
By: Steve Sewell. Date saved: 27/01/2023

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The Age of AI has begun
By: Bill Gates. Date saved: 21/03/2023

Tech's Perfect Storm
By: Mike Solana. Date saved: 16/03/2023

A Humbling Moment for Tech
By: Chris Neumann. Date saved: 15/03/2023

How to Use Git Worktree List with the Command Line
By: GitKraken. Date saved: 09/03/2023

a first look at tRPC
By: ajcwebdev. Date saved: 08/03/2023

a first look at create-t3-app
By: ajcwebdev. Date saved: 08/03/2023

Oops, You Wrote a Database
By: DX Tips: The DevTools Magazine. Date saved: 26/02/2023

Why Did I Leave Google Or, Why Did I Stay So Long?
By: Date saved: 19/02/2023

Maybe people do care about performance and reliability
By: Date saved: 17/02/2023

By: Date saved: 17/02/2023

Using WebSockets in a Redux Application
By: Date saved: 15/02/2023

The maze is in the mouse
By: Praveen Seshadri. Date saved: 15/02/2023

How to hire
By: Sam Altman. Date saved: 13/02/2023

Focus on your own shit
By: Justin Jackson. Date saved: 13/02/2023

This is a web page.
By: Date saved: 13/02/2023

How do I build something people want?
By: Justin Jackson. Date saved: 13/02/2023

Screw motivation, what you need is discipline.
By: Zbyhnev. Date saved: 07/02/2023

Scalability is overrated
By: Waseem Daher. Date saved: 06/02/2023

The technology behind GitHub’s new code search
By: Timothy Clem. Date saved: 06/02/2023

A Business Case for SvelteKit
By: Chris Ellis. Date saved: 01/02/2023

How to Be 18 Years Old Again for Only $2 Million a Year
By: Ashlee Vance. Date saved: 26/01/2023

Type-safe React Query
By: Date saved: 08/01/2023

Things they didn’t teach you about Software Engineering
By: Vadim Kravcenko. Date saved: 07/01/2023