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how I reduced my screentime by 80% (guide)
By: Reysu. Date saved: 16/07/2024

How to think in writing
By: Henrik Karlsson. Date saved: 16/07/2024

Set your default directory in VS Code's open dialog
By: Max Leiter's website. Date saved: 11/06/2024

Recently Read

Panic! at the Job Market
By: Date saved: 17/07/2024

The Folly of Certainty
By: OaktreeCap. Date saved: 17/07/2024

By Bill Watterson (C)2001
By: Date saved: 16/07/2024

What to expect when you're expecting expected value
By: Ricki Heicklen. Date saved: 16/07/2024

An overly simple model of positive and negative contagion
By: Tyler Cowen. Date saved: 16/07/2024

The Right Kind of Stubborn
By: Paul Graham. Date saved: 16/07/2024

Guide to attending a space launch in person
By: Date saved: 09/07/2024

A life coach convinced me that my family were paedophiles
By: Victoria Cayzer. Date saved: 01/07/2024

Reclaiming the Web with a Personal Reader
By: Facundo Olano. Date saved: 26/06/2024

Silicon Valley’s Best Kept Secret: Founder Liquidity
By: Stefan Theard. Date saved: 12/06/2024

Why today's phones are so boooooring?
By: Date saved: 11/06/2024

SWR for more than fetching
By: Max Leiter's website. Date saved: 11/06/2024

A Revolution in Biology
By: Kasra. Date saved: 10/06/2024

Memories of an Enron Summer
By: Giuseppe Paleologo. Date saved: 10/06/2024

Building AI products
By: Benedict Evans. Date saved: 10/06/2024

A Very Long Hill
By: James Bullock, Lindsell Train Limited. Date saved: 09/06/2024

What makes housing so expensive?
By: Brian Potter. Date saved: 06/06/2024

Generative AI Is Totally Shameless. I Want to Be It
By: Paul Ford. Date saved: 06/06/2024

Future Grandmasters of The Attention Game
By: Justin Hanagan. Date saved: 06/06/2024

Why would anyone need JavaScript generator functions?
By: James Sinclair. Date saved: 02/06/2024

50 things I know
By: Sasha Chapin. Date saved: 02/06/2024

Live types in a TypeScript monorepo
By: Colin McDonnell @colinhacks. Date saved: 01/06/2024

Using Server Actions with tRPC
By: Date saved: 31/05/2024